Our Trees

Nordmann Fir

 With it’s shimmering bright green and blue needles, true fir layering habit, and hardy nature, the Nordmann is taking the Pacific Northwest Christmas tree market by storm. Our customers are absolutely raving about their Nordmanns, and they are fast becoming our most popular UCut tree. Our site LOVES to grow Nordmann, we’ve figured out how to culture them now so it’s a perfect marriage. We are dedicating approximately 40% of our acres to Nordmann production.

Noble Fir

 Long the king of true fir Christmas trees, we fork prune and culture our trees to produce a medium density and “layered” look with lots of branch tip for display of your individual ornaments. 

Grand Fir

An Oregon native true fir with soft dark green and blue needles and a somewhat more “open” cultured profile , grands are an extremely popular U-cut tree in our area. They are definitely the most fragrant of the real trees. They also flock extremely well.   

Douglas Fir

The majestic timber tree of the northwest produces a full density Christmas tree. Valley sites like ours excel in producing a high vigor tree with full density. 

Concolor Fir

Concolors are pretty cool.  Their striking blue needles are soft, they culture to a medium density, and are hardy for display. We put at least one up every year in our house because they are Emily’s favorite!

Blue and Serbian Spruce

 Spruce are the traditional Christmas tree in mid America and to some folks no other tree will work!. Their brilliantly blue foliage is unmatched by any other  species. I personally love a lightly flocked blue spruce!