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We are not a volume operation! Our wholesale niche is ensuring the success of our small retailer partners by supplying the freshest, market targeted mix of trees possible.

Before we operated the farm we ran a very successful 1500 tree retail lot in Las Vegas for 7 years. Our secret to success was separating ourselves from every other small retail lot in our area by focusing on freshness, tree quality and mix to fit our customer base, and service. Year after year we increased volume and sold out at full pricing by adhering to this approach. 

We want you to be successful and return to us year after year building your retail business. We view our wholesale customer base as long term partners. If you sign up with us, here’s the commitment you get:

Tree Quality and Mix- Small retail lot success requires the mix and quality of trees that will sell readily in your market area. We work with you from a partnering perspective to assemble the right mix on paper. The next step is where we separate ourselves from the wholesale competition. I personally grade and tag all trees going into the years wholesale program. So, when you  order a #1 7-8’ Grand Fir as and example, I can assure you that ‘s what you are going to get. I’m conservative in my grade calls, and generous in my height calls because that’s the way I supplied my lots! 

Freshness- in my opinion, product freshness further separates the successful small retail lot operation from the competition. Christmas tree are a perishable item with a definable degradation curve. My lot will outsell my competitor 10:1 given the same tree quality and mix WHEN my trees are fresher. On the wholesale end, I separate myself from the competition by cutting and baling my orders individually based on loading date. Where the volume guys start cutting and helicopter  in late October for a Thanksgiving week load date, as a rule of thumb, my trees hit your truck less than one week after cutting.

Loading- There is nothing worse than working through all the logistics of securing a truck or coming to the loading area and either not having the order ready or a loading crew! Been there, done that. When we set a loading date, I have the trees in place, and a right sized crew ready to efficiently stack the load. I personally lead the loading process.

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 We are proud to offer a wide range of packages designed to meet your unique needs. If you have any questions, please, use the "Drop us a Line!" button on the Contact Us page on the website or call the farm at (541) 459-1488. 

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